Finding a Good Wedding Dance Teacher

Wedding DanceIf you want your wedding dance to be a beautiful moment that you and your guests will always remember:
  1. Find a good teacher
  2. Listen to the teacher
  3. Repeat step 2 as needed
Seriously. If you find the right wedding dance instructor, they can guide you in making the other choices you need to make. They can provide as much, or as little help, as you require. A good teacher can help you:
  • Pick the music and style of your first dance
    You know that you want your song to be special to you and your fiancée, but there are also other things to consider. Most popular songs were written to be sung to, not danced to. You need to pick the 'tone' of the dance first. Which type of dance fits you best? A romantic waltz, a passionate tango, a sensuous rumba or a fun two-step? There are many dances to choose from, each with a particular style and energy, and each conveying something different about those who choose it. A good dance teacher can help you choose the style and music that complement each other and that fit you as a couple.
  • Stage your entrance, your exit and everything in-between
    A good teacher can choreograph the whole wedding dance section of the reception - from the moment you step on the dance floor to the moment you exit. When do you enter and from where? Do you enter together in each other's arms or do you meet in the center of the dance floor? When does the music start? How do you cue the DJ to begin or end the song or segue into the next dance? Where will the photographer stand? What dance poses should be hit and where to provide the best photographs? There are hundreds of considerations and choices that are easy to make, but you are unaware you need to make them.
  • Build your sense of confidence and command on the dance floor
    In dance lessons, you learn to work as a team. You are building a synchronicity and learning that, together, you can handle whatever comes your way. A good dance teacher can teach you how to "lead" and "follow." That is as crucial as learning the dance steps. That way you don't have to worry about remembering the choreography exactly because when you know how to lead and follow, whatever you do on the dance floor will seem like you planned it.
  • Teach you how to communicate to get what you want
    The DJ needs to know what you have planned. He needs to know his cues and what they mean. The photographer (or videographer) will need to know where to stand to get the best shots - depending on the choreography. If you let your dance teacher know that you have a photographer, then the choreography can be designed to give you some "wow" shots that you can treasure every time you look at the photos.
Obviously, the earlier you find a dance teacher and start planning your wedding dance, the better. If you have 3-5 months before the wedding, you'll have time to develop a real confidence and even time to include the wedding party in some dance lessons if you want. If you only have time for one lesson right before the wedding, then obviously there is less time to learn, but even what you can learn in one lesson will let you blow away the average person that takes the floor without a lesson. No giggle giggle, sway sway, giggle giggle for you!
What you need is a certified dance teacher. This is someone that has actually been certified to TEACH dance. Yes, there is an organization that does that. It's the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD). The ISTD is the world's leading dance examinations board. Formed in 1904, it is a registered educational charity and is the only organization that covers the full spectrum of dance examinations. You can search for certified teachers in your area online on their website.
And have fun with the preparation! Dance is fun and having time to practice also lets you unwind. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and dance lessons are a good way to bring the attention back to you as a couple and how you work as a team.

Most importantly, remember that no matter what happens, your guests only want the best for you. They are happy for you and grateful to be included in this symbol of your new life. Keep the awareness of your love and their joy in each moment and you will end up with an amazing memory!

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