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Most high fashion shoes are not made for dancing. In fact, they're barely made for walking! And after a night of dancing at your reception, be prepared to start your married life limping around like someone hit the bottom of your foot with a board.

There are a few options to avoid this. I've heard people suggest to put on flip flops or sandals for the wedding reception dances. But this is only marginally better. I've also heard sneakers suggested, but if you've ever tried to dance in sneakers you know that's not a good idea. They aren't designed for it, they are designed for sports performance. So, unless your reception is on a tennis court, you should probably look for a better option.

A MUCH better option is to take advantage of shoes that were made specifically for dancing... ballroom dance shoes! They are designed specifically to be easy to dance in and for the comfort and safety of your feet while dancing:
  • Wearing a dance shoe at your reception is for safety as well as comfort. Dance shoes tend to have thinner soles than normal shoes. The shoe material itself is flexible and lightweight but most have a steel shank for support. The soles are made to let you dance without slipping and sliding on the floor.
  • Choose a good fit (a snug fit but not tight enough to be painful). Your shoes should be comfortable.
  • Men's dance shoes are usually black lace-up shoes with a flat heel for standard dances (like a Waltz) or a small heel for Latin dances (like the Salsa.)
  • Women's shoes, of course, have much more variety: Open or closed toe; pumps or sandals; heels sizes can range from one to three inches. In general, slim heels can make turns easier, while flared heels can give added stability in Latin dances.
Do yourself a favor and find a shoe that will keep you from being distracted by your aching feet at the reception. And the next day!

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