Wedding Dance Lesson Packages

I have put together some packages for wedding dance lessons that should help to make your special day more stress-free:

  • Package 1: The Perfect Dance - "The Total Package"
    10 Private Lessons for $675
    Create a beautiful and personalized First Dance with a graceful entrance, and unforgettable exit, lead and follow skills, as well as a dip and a few turns for magnificent photo opportunities. Also, in addition to working on your first dance, you can learn the basic steps of a few popular dances that you may need during your special day. Parents and the wedding party may also participate in some of the lessons if you wish. Every reception is unique so we can work on whatever suits your particular needs preparing for your wedding reception dances.

  • Package 2: The Perfect Dance - "Highlights"
    5 Private Lessons for $350
    Learn a variety of dance patterns for your First Dance, the rudiments of lead and follow skills as well as a few photographic poses.

  • Package 3: The Perfect Dance - "A Crash Course"
    3 Private Lessons for $215
    Focus on your first dance as a couple so that you feel more comfortable and relaxed moving to your chosen song. It's amazing how much we can cover in a few focused hours.
All packaged lessons can be scheduled at your convenience, and can be spaced as close together or as far apart as you need. And, unlike most wedding dance lesson offers, these lessons are for a FULL HOUR!

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stevenjared0853 said...

That’s nice share. Well dear I had been invited to a royal themed wedding at some popular New York wedding venues. The couple did very professional dance. It was eye soothing to see how both coordinated. The choreography was done amazingly for that couple.