Looking for Wedding Dance Lessons in Austin TX?

If you are looking for Wedding Dance lessons in Austin, Texas... look no further! You'll find many options around town but, here's the thing, usually dance studios designate their very junior dance instructors to teach wedding dance lessons. Why? They figure that you are just starting out anyway so you just need the basic steps.

That is so NOT the case. A wedding dance is a very specific event where you can look really good -- given the right dance and an instructor that knows how to work within your natural movements.

Have you ever watched, "So You Think You Can Dance"? A great choreographer can make someone that has never danced a tango in their life look like they know what they are doing. The same goes for you! An advanced instructor can see the way your body moves naturally and choreograph a wedding dance routine for you so that you look much more advanced than the limited amount of lessons you've had.

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