Congratulations! You're getting married!

You want your wedding to be a special memory that you will treasure forever. And that can happen! It just takes a little planning. Whether you opt for a traditional plan or a non-traditional one, any plan works as long as you have planned something and rehearsed it. What is amazing to me is that people will stage and rehearse walking down the aisle and neglect to pay that same attention to their wedding dance.

Too often, the first dance is announced and the couple reluctantly takes the floor, giggling at themselves because they feel awkward. They hang on each other and sway back and forth for what seems like the longest three minutes in history. Giggle, giggle, sway, sway, giggle, giggle. Boring and forgetful. The guests are wondering how long this evening will last. Finally, the song ends, and the couple looks around -- lost and unsure how to proceed. This is exactly what you don't want to happen.

The first dance is the introduction of the wedding couple AS a couple. It's not just a beautiful expression of their love but a symbol of how they will work together, in harmony, from now on. After the first dance, how they proceed symbolizes how they will invite others into their lives as a couple. With just a little preparation, this can be a wonderful, exquisite time and a memory that will shine forever -- both for the couple and for those in attendance.

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